Dewitt Community Complex needs you! Preserve Dewitt Legacy today!

DCC boardmembers share their mission and vision for the Dewitt Community Complex in North Auburn, California. Thank you to Placer County Board of Supervisor's for the opportunity to preserve and restore the historic Dewitt Theatre - but we need your help. Please like and share this video with your friends and family. For more info, go to Auburn Journal Walt Gray

Posted by Dewitt Community Complex/Preserve Dewitt Legacy on Friday, January 10, 2020
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to preserve and adaptively reuse the historic theater, auditorium, former senior center buildings, and swimming pool for community uses at the DeWitt General Hospital National Register Historic District located in North Auburn, CA. Leveraging the preservation of these key historic resources for community uses will help foster an identity as well as develop a community destination and activity hub for the North Auburn area. Re-establishing community uses in these historic buildings is a win-win: offering recreation for residents, an incubator for the arts, supporting the local economy and supporting the County’s master plan vision for a mix of residential and commercial development at the DeWitt Center.

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