DCC Design

The proposed project consists of renovating the nearly 5,000 square foot historic DeWitt Theater so it can again function as a performing arts center for music, dance, live theater, lectures, films and much needed rehearsal space in North Auburn, California. Renovations would maintain the historical interior and exterior look of the theater while updating pertinent features associated with accommodating the technology and amenities required of a modern performing arts center, including construction of separate structures for ADA complaint bathrooms and a storage area as well as extensive electrical upgrades to handle the new technology required for live performances. The proposed venue's state of the art audio, lighting, and media design would create an attractive multiple use facility. From theater and music performance to educational seminars, weddings, town meetings, movie screenings, rehearsals, special events, camps, and even film-movie production, the theater would provide versatility and relevant value to a growing and diverse community. The theater design and technology would set the tone for an intimate and comfortable atmosphere that will draw bookings and multiple use cases from all over the region. In order to provide additional meeting/activity space, an outdoor courtyard is proposed as an inexpensive option to expand the theater complex. Unlike other entertainment venues, the DeWitt Theater renovation is designed with the intention of accommodating multiple uses, creating a venue dedicated to artistic use as well as community needs - a true multi-versatile building with historical and community value.
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DCC Design Mission & Vision

o Bring the performing arts—music, dance, live theater, lectures and films—back to the historic DeWitt Theater
o Restore the historic theater
o Restore and expand its use for the community
o Help the local economy
o Develop a community destination and activity hub
o Foster an identity for the North Auburn Area
o Maintain the historical feel and combine it with a modern and relevant design
o Bring facility to the forefront of technology and performance standards
o Create an attractive multiple use facility
o Accommodate multiple uses, creating a venue dedicated to artistic use as well as community needs

Renovating the DeWitt Theater and other key historic DeWitt buildings, such as the Red Cross Auditorium, would be a win-win for the community by preserving an iconic piece of history while offering community arts and recreation that supports the local economy and the County’s vision for a mixed-use development. The DeWitt Community Complex would be a unique destination where arts, history and the community meet.
Excerpt from the DCC Preliminary DeWitt Theater Business Plan


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